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Dogging a National Phenomenon

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Dogging is a mainly British pursuit that usually takes places in open spaces such as car parks and other public areas.
The dogging scene orginally began in the late 20th century when particiants would watch couples having sexual encounters in their cars and open spaces while they were out walking their pets. The phenomenon was adopted by the swinging scene who began to explore the sensation of having sex out in the open and meets soon began to be arranged.

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dickharda (50) from CaliforniaMandybars (34) from Minnesota
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BigDan411 (46) from QuébecFreakiiwet (27) from New York
tigerpaw88 (47) from Iowakeymor94 (20) from Texas
Vega21 (27) from Adjudsuckmyclit1229 (20) from Georgia
blowthrax (21) from MichiganJamiem2261 (19) from New Hampshire
reallifeplz (27) from CaliforniaBabyboo350 (21) from Buckinghamshire
Coop2014 (18) from Washingtonfuckmeboys (35) from Ontario
cjc87 (19) from Tennesseejools0003 (39) from West Midlands
jkbkn87 (26) from North CarolinaKaseywrite (19) from Virginia
bmarx12 (20) from Alaskaolivialove (25) from Abadia A Isola
riles0147 (28) from AlbertasexyRedhead27 (27) from Georgia
ramnation2014 (37) from Ontariolocamocha (24) from Georgia
buckwildforu (39) from TexasLeFlore (18) from New York
sprolozi (28) from KentScreamingWillow (18) from South Carolina
enjoyinglife59 (58) from Oregonjulian101 (27) from Bedfordshire
Ricky3114 (35) from TennesseeSexyvgirl (18) from Lancashire
jackieboi25 (25) from East Sussexsweetavery (24) from Legazpi/luzon..
Anonymoustorm (33) from MichiganAyebaebae (18) from Florida
Sparechange (67) from Coloradosrw4u (33) from South Yorkshire
btp357 (58) from GeorgiaCuriousgirl04 (18) from Texas
neel4043 (36) from Dhakadawnyd (46) from Leicestershire
banksy118 (36) from Nottinghamshirekaylag (18) from Georgia
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